Nashville Home Inspections – New REALTOR Training – Home Construction

What are new REALTORS taught about home construction?   I have been asking around lately and the answer is the same, and its surprising!   NOTHING!

Sure, new REALTORS appear to get ample training in legal and financial issues, but what about the basics of how a house is put together?   How is a new REALTOR ever going to understand the Home Inspection Report if they do not have the basic understanding of how a house is built?

I suggest all new REALTORS should take an entry level course in the following topics regarding Home Construction and Home Inspections.   Emphasis should be on terminology, methods, what is required in a Home Inspection, and what is not required. 

Basic Home Inspection Requirements – The purpose of this session is to provide the general requirements of a Home Inspection and what is not required by a Home Inspector.   Topics covered include an overview of general systems included in a house, the need for a Contract for the Home Inspection, insurance requirements for Home Inspectors, and the Home Inspection Report. 

Exterior Surface and Components – The purpose of this session is to review exterior components of the house to include exterior shell material, windows, doors, drainage, landscape material, driveways, walkways, patios, decks, steps, stoops, porches, electrical connection, and plumbing devices.

Interior Spaces and Components – The purpose is to review interior topics common to all interior spaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows and to discuss topics particular to kitchens, bathroom and laundry rooms such as appliances, sinks, showers, toilets, GFCI electrical, drains and ventilation. 
Plumbing Systems and Components – The purpose of this session is to review plumbing issues including supply piping, drain/waste/vent system, leak identification, pipe support, faucets and fixtures, plumbing fixtures and hot water heaters. Issues pertaining specifically to kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are discussed. 

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; – The purpose of this session is to review the systems used for heating, venting and air conditioning the structure. Session discusses furnaces, air conditioning systems and fireplaces.  

Structure and Foundation; Roof and Attic – The purpose of this session is to discuss how the building structure is constructed looking at the building from the foundation up, into the attic and on the roof. Items covered include materials used, construction methods and installation, ventilation, insulation, water management, the exterior roof coverings and the inside of the attic spaces with special attention as to how the attic components make up the roof and attic ventilation.

Electrical Systems – Purpose of the session is to discuss electrical components including panels, conductors, circuit breakers, outlets, switches, lights, and the grounding electrode system. 

Environmental Issues – Radon and Mold – These issues are the most significant issues in most Home Inspections. A one hour course to explain what these issues are and how they can be mitigated would be helpful to all REALTORS.

And guess what! HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, offers just such a course. Please see a description on our website at   The Radon/Mold course is on the shelf for now, but available if needed.   This course is approved for Continuing Education for REALTORS licensed in Tennessee, but not for initial training.  In fact, there is no requirement for this type of course for new REALTORS.   Do you think there should be?

Thank you,

Richard Acree


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