Another Continuing Eduation Course for TN REALTORS by HABITEC!

HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, ( is pleased to announce the completion of another 6 hour course in Continuing Education for REALTORS licensed in Tennessee!   Thursday, August 12, 2010,  29 REALTORS participated in the TREC-approved course for Tennessee Home Inspection.  Lunch was served by a local mortgage company and comments after the class indicated that the REALTORS had a good time and learned some new things about Home Inspections!
Information about this course is available on our website at  References for this particular class include the following:
Susan Diebolt, 497-4344,
Danielle Hagar, 429-7333,
Sherita Hill, 397-3871,
Carol Horan, 370-1303,
Annette Hutchinson,
Billie Lewis, 373-2044,
Martha Sloan, 330-1771,
Mykalynne Taylor, 419-9130,
Jon Young, 403-8254,
Please contact me or Ron Rittiner at 376-2753 if you would like to schedule this course for your office or organization.
Thank you,

Richard Acree


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