Nashville Home Inspection – Toilet Leak – How Bad Can it Be?


What happens when a toilet leaks below the toilet?  Sure, that can be bad, but how bad can it be?  Brace for the following pics, because it can be real bad.

In the pic below the wood has rotted and mold-like material has developed, the metal support structure has rusted significantly, and stalactites of waste material have grown on the framing.  This is a situation out of control and in need of immediate repair.

Toilet Leak Pic 1

Below is a closeup of the rotted wood and stalactite of bacteria.

Toilet Leak Pic 2

The following picture is from the other side of the last pic, showing the rusted framing, rotted wood and unfortunately, the stalactite of bacteria.

Toilet Leak Pic 3

And the last picture below is of the mold-like material growing on the dropped ceiling tile.

Toilet Leak Pic 4

Obviously, this toilet leak has created a problem that has gotten out of hand.  This is why, at HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, offering home and commercial building inspections in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, we have virtually zero tolerance for loose toilets.  Immediate attention is required in this case.

Thank you,

Richard Acree


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