Nashville Home Inspector – Question – How Much Water in the Crawl Space is Too Much?

Question:  How much water or moisture in the crawl space is too much?  For instance, is the moisture indicated by the picture below too much?


ANSWER:  Yes!  When the mushrooms start growing in the crawl space, that has to be too much moisture.  I am not aware of any numerical metric to declare a crawl space too wet or not, but this has to be over the limit.  You can also see the very wet condition of the soil, and unfortunately, you can clearly see the wet soil, which should be covered by the moisture barrier.

Surely, despite all our best efforts, some moisture will still make its way into the crawl space.  But there are things we can and should do to minimize the issue.  HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, encourages Clients to take every possible step to prevent moisture from entering a crawl space.  Zero defect water management on the outside is the first step.  An impenetrable moisture barrier on the inside of the crawl space is also a must.  And a functional positive drain to eliminate what gets by the first two efforts is a good backup.

Thank you,

Richard Acree

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