Nashville Home Inspector- What’s Wrong with this picture? 11-28-12

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Look at the picture below.  You are standing in a garage of a residential home looking up at the ceiling of the garage.  What’s wrong?

HINT:  High humidity and cool ductwork can make for a sweaty situation.

DSCI0379 (2)

ANSWER:  Sweaty indeed.  In this case the ductwork in the garage was installed right over where the cars parked.  So guess what happened during the hot steamy months of summer.  Condensation.  Lots of it.  Enough that the home owner took matters into their own hands.  Rather than improve the insulation on the ductwork, they just bagged it.  What you are looking at is plastic hung under the ductwork to catch the condensation as it drips off.  Not sure where it went from there, maybe they just let it build up and later evaporate.  Whatever, this installation qualifies for a “non-conventional” grade and a visit from the local HVAC technician.  Surely there is a better way to fix this problem.  Another picture of a similar fix in the same garage is shown below.

DSCI0381 (2)

Thank you,

Richard Acree