Ugly Bug Alert!

Ugly Bug Alert
Please look at the picture below.  Ever see one of these bugs around your home?  What is it and why is it there? 

HINT:  It looks like a cross between a cricket and a spider.  Now that can be ugly.

ANSWER:  That’s it!  It’s a spider-cricket!  And boy is it ugly.  Some people refer to them as cave-bugs, apparantly because they are common in caves.  So how did it ever get started?  Do you think a spider and cricket got together and, wait, let’s not even go there.  Suffice it to say they are common in damp and dark places, like caves.  

Notice the Romex cable next to it.  That cable is about 1/2″ in width, so you can imagine how large this spider-cricket is.  And that grey stuff is concrete block commonly used to form a residential foundation.  That’s because this picture was taken inside a crawl space during a home inspection.  So why is this spider-cricket here?  Well we know a crawl space can be pretty dark, right?  And we now know that spider-cricket’s like places that are dark, but also damp.  Remember, bugs go where they can live and flourish because there is food and moisture there.  So if there is a spider-cricket living in this crawl space, there must also be moisture of sufficient levels that they can live and flourish.  But it gets worse.  Like roaches, if you see one, you can bet there are more.  See the picture below.

And if you keep going in this crawl space, you will find the rest of the gang.  See below. 

The good news is, these guys don’t like people and will scurry off to hide when light or people come around.  But they won’t go away permanently until the moisture source is fixed.  In this case a malfunctioning water management system on the outside of the home allowed significant water intrusion into the crawl space.  All that water is just the ticket for an insect infestation like the one you see above.

Thank you,

Richard Acree

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